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Live Sushi Chef Hours
Mon-Thur 10am - 3pm
Fri & Sat 10am - 8pm
Sun 3pm - 8pm
After hours call for grab and go options
Dragon roll
Tempura roll      
Spider roll
Veggie tempura roll
Caterpillar roll
Philly roll
Eel cucumber roll
Yum yum roll
Flaming tiger
Nacho Libre
J. Ram Roll
Panna Roll
Hazel Park Roll

Salmon tuna cream cheese, crunch and eel sauce


Cali Roll

Avocado cuke crab stick salmon

Salmon Roll

Avocado salmon

Tuna Roll

Avocado tuna

Yellowtail Roll

Avocado scallions yellowtail

Veggie Roll

Avocado cuke asparagus

Add Spicy to any roll 1.00
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